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Miskolc - A city with open gates

It is the third biggest city in Hungary, one of the oldest settlements of the country. The marks of human life have been traced as long as 70.000 years back in history on the Avas hill aloft the inner city.
Diósgyőr Castle is one of the oldest and most significant art relics of Miskolc. The history of the renaissance castle goes back for centuries; however, it plays an active role in the life of the city in our days as well. ‘The Medieval Castle Days’ attract thousands of visitors every summer with such interesting programmes like archery or coinage. In the Wax Museum they can watch the largest collection of wax figures in Central Europe. (

You can find numerous historical and cultural values in Miskolc. Let us list here a few of the top-sights:

The Bükk Mountains, embracing Miskolc, play an essential role in the life of the city and its surroundings. Leaving the city tourists are among trees at once. Lillafüred - within easy reach - is known all over the country as a highland holiday resort, with a dark-green lake inviting to go boating.
The marvellous Palota Hotel, the highest waterfall of the country, Szent István (Saint Stephen) dripstone cave, Anna sinter cave, the forest railway (, the trout rookery ( all offer wonderful experiences throughout the whole year. 
The Miskolc Zoo and Culture Park ( promote the better cognition of the animals with ZOO sessions and feeding shows.
In Miskolctapolca, besides the Europe-famous Cave Bath, it is worth visiting to the Adventure Park near the boat lake (, and the Bob-field (, which is open in winter and summer as well.

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Saunters in the inner city

Short saunter: approximately 1 hour
Szent István Square, Erzsébet Square, Gallery, House of Arts, Szinva Terrace, Miskolc National Theatre, Déryné street, Hősök Square, Minorita Church, Deák Square, Kossuth Street.
Long saunter: approximately 2-2.5 hours
Szent István Square, Music Palace, Avas Church (lookout tower, cellars, Szinva Terrace, Miskolc National Theatre, Déryné street, Synagogue, Hősök Square, Minorita Church, Orthodox Church, Deák Square, Cock Church, Kossuth Street, Gallery, Erzsébet Square, Széchenyi Statue.
Avas tour: approximately 1-1.5 hour
Szent István Square, Avas Church, Avas lookout tower, Avas Cellars - wine- and palinka tasting is offered.

Churches in the inner city:

Factory Sport Arena, Laserpoint vision hall, Diósgyőr Castle (archery, coinage, wax museum, Diósgyőr Castle Bath, Kisgergely Confectionery), Miskolc Zoo and Culture Park.

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